Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Looking for Inspiration

Im trying to decide what sort of makeup look I'm gonna have for my photos. I don't know if I wanna get crazy and artsy. Maybe I'll go the opposite extreme and do a dramatic nude face. I think I went overboard with the feather ideas, tho... I'm not gonna wanna deal with all that work.
I think less will be more. Here are some pics I liked...thoughts?

Is it just me...

or is this MJ sand sculpture terrifying?

Look, I know I'm no artist... and I want to remember MJ forever too...just not as a disembodied beach monster.

Please God, make it rain.

Getting on Star King

First off, it's late...so I'm already a little grumpy.

But I am so tired of people asking me how to get on Star King. I didn't mind responding personally to the first handful of inquiries on the topic, but the sheer number of letters I've gotten about it recently is ridiculous. So I must clarify once and for all:


Sorry. As I said before, I started making those videos for fun...usually when I had writer's block or had a song stuck in my head. I had no kpop career intentions when I started posting. I did it because I had (have) a sincere love for the kpop-culture and wanted to connect with others sharing my interest. I honestly didn't think anyone would look at my page besides my mom...who can barely start a PC solitaire game on her own. SO basically, I thought it would go unnoticed. Now imagine my surprise (or skepticism, rather) when a producer from the show contacted me via YouTube mail. After exchanging a few emails (until I was sure it was legit), we chatted on the phone and they were basically like "We buy ticket. You come now!"
And literally, within a couple of days, I was on a plane to Seoul. My head was reeling, everything happened so fast.
My point is, I couldn't tell you how to find Star King. They find your ass. Secret Society, Mafia style...trash bag over the head, chloroform in your nose, and BOOM! - you're doin' a soft shoe on stage the next night...probably with Boom. (hehe, see what I did there?)

So relax, do what you do...do it well (i think it helps to be an oddball), and perhaps the Star King clan will catch your scent and emerge from the shadows...

Best of Luck!

Monday, June 29, 2009


It's 4am right now. I'm SO friggin' tired....the kinda tired where your stomach starts to ache and the back of your tongue tastes like nickels. I still have one song to finish for this pilot project...i just wanna get the basic structure down and I can flesh it out tomorrow. maybe one more hour then i'll be pretty satisfied. ugh. it's time for vacation already! why is it that the 48 hours before a vacation are like the craziest hi-stress hours EVAR?! i have a ton to do, even after i finish the song. most importantly, packing...and shaving my head bald again (it feels so nice in the sun).
anyway, ill try to keep it together, but for the general public's safety, i'm issuing a Bitch Alert for the next 2 days. You've been warned.

Seanbaby is in the other room playing Magic the Gathering on Xbox...maybe I'll go watch and sip some coffee. Then again, I predict watching a strategy card game between a human and a computer will bore me straight to my pillow.

I'm willing to take that chance. (g'nite)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

coffee break - wigmix

It's an identity crisis kinda day. Hence, the wig. I wore this last halloween when Seanbaby and I dressed up as VH1's Chance and Real (from I Love New York & Real Chance at Love).

I like this 2nd picture, cuz I look like a rodeo clown.

Here's Seanbaby's interpretation on "Chance" - notice the kickass belt buckle. I think he looks more like G√ľnther. (One a side note, click that link. Gunther's new song starts with "I'm a pussy." Well, at least he knows.)

Anyway, I'm gonna finish this cup of coffee then get back to work. I'm hoping typing this will strengthen my resolve. In addition, I Will Not Play Infamous or Sims 3 until this song is finished! .....maybe just a round of Civ on the DS. That couldnt hurt, right?

Hello...is this thing on?

So yeah... I need a place to vent. There's lots going on and I seriously need a place to drain the brain fluid. Unfiltered, unedited. I'm hoping by some miracle of destiny my website and original music will be all finished and ready by september. I figure I'd better document my descent into utter insanity thru the process...it may help assist the autopsy reports later. Hmmm...that was a bit morbid. I digress - I just want some place to chat with the people who may give a darn about my ramblings in the meantime and in-between time. Plus, I get bored a lot and I need another reason to NOT get to work. Also, I've received so many nice letters from folks, that I just want to open up a nice casual line of communication with everyone. So that's it for now!