Sunday, June 28, 2009

coffee break - wigmix

It's an identity crisis kinda day. Hence, the wig. I wore this last halloween when Seanbaby and I dressed up as VH1's Chance and Real (from I Love New York & Real Chance at Love).

I like this 2nd picture, cuz I look like a rodeo clown.

Here's Seanbaby's interpretation on "Chance" - notice the kickass belt buckle. I think he looks more like G√ľnther. (One a side note, click that link. Gunther's new song starts with "I'm a pussy." Well, at least he knows.)

Anyway, I'm gonna finish this cup of coffee then get back to work. I'm hoping typing this will strengthen my resolve. In addition, I Will Not Play Infamous or Sims 3 until this song is finished! .....maybe just a round of Civ on the DS. That couldnt hurt, right?

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