Monday, June 29, 2009


It's 4am right now. I'm SO friggin' tired....the kinda tired where your stomach starts to ache and the back of your tongue tastes like nickels. I still have one song to finish for this pilot project...i just wanna get the basic structure down and I can flesh it out tomorrow. maybe one more hour then i'll be pretty satisfied. ugh. it's time for vacation already! why is it that the 48 hours before a vacation are like the craziest hi-stress hours EVAR?! i have a ton to do, even after i finish the song. most importantly, packing...and shaving my head bald again (it feels so nice in the sun).
anyway, ill try to keep it together, but for the general public's safety, i'm issuing a Bitch Alert for the next 2 days. You've been warned.

Seanbaby is in the other room playing Magic the Gathering on Xbox...maybe I'll go watch and sip some coffee. Then again, I predict watching a strategy card game between a human and a computer will bore me straight to my pillow.

I'm willing to take that chance. (g'nite)

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