Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dirty Laundry Pop

I find it really annoying when "musicians" use their supposed art to play out their petty personal drama. For example, the latest battle between Mariah Carey and Eminem. I just finished watching MC's video for her song "Obsessed":

Why even release this to the public? I like how she acts like it's no big deal and she's above it all...and yet she's just written, recorded, performed and filmed a video for something she pretends is so trivial. As much as I used to adore MC (and still do, just out of loyalty), I think she's proven herself to be just as obsessed as her accused. If you really don't care...then how about you spare your true fans this useless song that was clearly written for and intended to be seen by one person. You coulda sent Eminem a DVD of this nonsense and called it a day.

It's further infuriating, because MC is a huge vocal talent. But you would never know it listening to this song, with the way she's just rambling on - and everything is drenched in auto-tune anyway. MC is the last singer who needs to fool with that! It pains me to see her engage in such silly pop tart antics.

Is this even the same person??

Hot damn, I loved her back in the day.
Look, I don't wanna bash the woman too much...Eminem, of course, is just as corny.
But MC used to be a sort of role model of mine, so I guess I've always held her up to a higher standard.

...Dear Mariah, I need you to please pull it together. You're better than this.


  1. DUDE! THANK YOU! I have been needing someone to address this, because honestly. Ever since she divorced that old dude she just went in a downward spiral to like... something. horrible. and bad. "He's all up in my George Foreman"? seriously?? she's too old for that.

    anyway, i came across your youtube page after reading about you on way to go representin' for the sistas in Korea! Your voice is great and its good to come across another sista who is as interested in Korean culture as I am :)

  2. it's okay, lots of people say this. she likes to have fun with her music these days xD
    I believe Em started all this, but I dont think Mariah is gonna make more rant songs about him in the future (hopefully, lol i dont mind)
    oh yea, you should listen to Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel, her new album ;)
    music these days is changing, I guess she went with it? @__@
    omgg listen to "I Want To Know What Love Is" <3

    OMGG!!! YOURE FROM SF!!! *O*